About Pete


Greetings and welcome to PetePrestipino.com. I am a veteran digital marketer with nearly two decades of experience building, optimizing, promoting and yes, analyzing websites for B2B and B2C brands. This website was developed as a portfolio of sorts but also provides a resource for sharing and showcasing interesting insights into the challenges and opportuntiies of creating a successful digital presence.


I’ve spent my entire career at both startups and established companies as a digital marketer with nearly two decades of experience creating Web experiences and managing the acquisition of customers through various channels including search, advertising, email, social and through a variety of specific practices – from search engine optimization to affiliate marketing.

Need Help?

I am currently the Digital Marketing Campaign Manager at Antenna Group, an integrated marketing and public relations agency (offices in New York, San Francisco and Chicago) specializing in markets including energy, sustainability, mobility, real estate and technology. While I am not available for personal/freelance projects, I do work with many businesses on retainer through Antenna Group. Request a consultation with a member of our team and our virtual paths may one day cross!

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