This Analyst Rocks

How do you be the person with all the answers? I’m not completely sure myself just yet but I do know that those with access to data and the tools and skills to use these assets are those best positioned to provide guidance for success. Over a period of three or so weeks I’ve put together a modest collection of articles on various topics related to the use of Google Analytics – from pivot tables and anomaly detection to property views and basic website metrics to monitor – that I thought might be helpful to review for our clients when they have questions or wanted to learn more about a particular topic. The articles have been assembled at Analyst.Rocks and will be used in the future to comment on new developments in the data and website analytics sector as well as additional how-to’s and tutorials. Explore what’s available today and share your thoughts with me on how to make it better in the future. Videos? Podcasts? Use the contact form to let me hear it!